Robot Web Crowdsourcing

Worked on Robot Web Tools to make a series of interfaces which train robots with crowd users

RAIL Lab Project

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Genetic Algorithm Soccer

Trained a group of simulated agents to play 3d soccer. Each agent has a local view of the environment and evolves a policy over time

Multi-Robot Systems Project

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Robots and Cooperation

Developed an algorithm between two robots trying to work together on a task

Robotics Class Project

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Learning with Google Glass

Created a Google Glass Application that enables people to create technical training videos with less effort.

Project at Siemens Research

Buzzport Redesign

Worked with Office of Technology to redesign Georgia Tech's registration system

Project at Georgia Tech

Mixed Reality Mario

A mixed reality game that uses procedural content generation to make game elements

Entertainment Intelligence Lab Project

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Deep Visual Questions

I use deep learning to create a series of questions about the images from the VQA dataset

Advanced Computer Vision Project

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Neural Network Food Recommendater

A neural network in an app that recommends food for you based on how certain types of food taste

Human Computer Interaction Project

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SOTD is a design project. I took the lyrics of one song each week and make it a series of pictures. Its an experiment both in designing and responsive web design.

Role: Creator



10 is an app on android built by me. It's a simple minimalistic game that tests players reflexes.

Role: Programmer and Designer

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